Sprout Occupational Therapy provides occupational therapy to children and their families. We are dedicated to cultivating a child’s development by using a family-centred and child-focused approach. Sprout Occupational Therapy's individual programs focus on enabling the growth, skill, and independence of the child.

Occupational therapy assessment, treatment and consultation is provided for infants, children, and youth in many areas, including:

  • Infant development

  • Feeding

  • Fine motor skills

  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Gross Motor skills & Coordination

  • Printing and handwriting

  • Visual Perception

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self-Regulation

  • Trauma and Attachment


Sprout Occupational Therapy has a child-friendly clinic that is located in the beautiful town of Almonte.  Almonte is approximately 20 minutes west of Kanata and 30 minutes west of Central Ottawa.   Consultations to daycares, preschools, and school are available.

Therapeutic interventions are used to enhance skills in a fun, play-oriented, and supportive environment. Skills are progressed sequentially — ensuring success for the child at all stages.


Programs are family-centred. Parents and caregivers are part of the assessment, goal setting, treatment sessions, and follow-through. Timing of sessions are determined based on child and family needs and availability.  Please call or email SPROUT to find out more about services including costs, training, and availability.